Is Video Marketing the Next Big Thing? + Digital Marketing in… 2015

We hear a lot about the need to be more visual in our marketing. Customers and prospects have limited time and attention spans so the best way to engage with them is through the effective use of visual content. Enter video marketing.

While video marketing is becoming popular today, will it be a key tactic in the marketer’s toolbox in 2015? Find out what will from these marketing experts and practitioners.

Video Marketing Increasing in Popularity

Demand Metric, in partnership with Ascend2 completed a survey of 398 marketing, sales and business professionals in June related to the use of video in content marketing. According to the results, 69% have used video marketing and another 31% are planning to (note that anyone not interesting in video marketing was removed from the survey at this point).

What does video marketing work best for? Brand awareness topped the list at 52%, followed by lead generation (45%) and online engagement (42%). Video marketing is not always successful though. The survey found that only 67% found it “somewhat successful”, while 18% said it was very successful.

So we know what it’s used for, but where is it most effective? The survey found that although the primary placement of videos was on the brand website (81%), it was actually most effective in the second most used location – video sharing sites like YouTube (26%). The website was found to be the second most effective channel at 22%.

Another interesting point was that social networks were a popular place to put videos (49%) – we are speaking about sites like Facebook here — yet it was only found to be effective 8% of the time.

Optimizing video is something that is gaining in importance with marketers. Getting found by search engines that don’t index the video itself is extremely important. The top approaches to video optimization for respondents included tagging the video with search keywords, posting the video on the company blog and optimizing video file names with keywords.

Final point of interest from this survey is that 65% of B2B organizations outsource all or part of their video marketing campaigns. So while video marketing may be gaining in importance, brands don’t have the resources yet to develop quality videos.

The ROI in Video Marketing

Another good report on video marketing comes from the Aberdeen Group. The ROI of Video Marketing looks at how the best organizations utilize video in their content marketing strategies compare to the industry average and the laggards.

The report acknowledges that video marketing is a growing part of the content marketing mix and actually contributes greatly to ROI. In fact, over 90% of all organizations surveyed use video marketing. It’s actually the most popular form of content, followed by whitepapers and third party research.

Aberdeen notes that although everyone might be doing it, there are things the best in class organizations are doing that differentiate them from the rest – the ability to generate original video content. Not everyone can create a great video. And the quality of the video itself is only part of the challenge; the content is also extremely important, as is often the length of the video.

Best in class organizations seem to have a keen eye for the right content and are able to develop strong videos. They don’t necessarily do this all internally though. The study found that 68% developed their videos in house, and 44% outsourced video development – showing that some are using a mix of internal and outsourcing to get videos made.

Here’s the most interesting stat from the report. Website conversions were 4.8% for video content users compared to 2.9% for organizations that didn’t use video content. That’s a big difference that tells us video, done well, can help produce positive ROI.

Digital Marketing in…2015

I know. It’s way too early to start talking about 2015. To be honest I’m still waiting for the real 2014 summer to kick in, so anything that makes me think of winter is more than mildly depressing. But we are getting there and digital marketing has continued to evolve this year in many ways.

So when I came across this post from Lee Odden on TopRankBlog I couldn’t resist learning what some of the top marketing experts in the industry had to say about what to expect in 2015.

Lee asked a number of industry experts what they saw as important trends and/or predictions for digital marketing in 2015. I won’t list them all, but here are a few that give you an idea of not only what to expect, but how to adjust your planning today (or let you know you are on the right track!).

Ann Handley, MarketingProfs, says that we will push the boundaries of “brands as publishers” even further by focusing on empathy and customer experience, with the goal of being truly useful.

Pam Didner, Global Integrated Marketing Strategist, Intel Corporation says that 2015 will not be about digital marketing, but about marketers getting back to the basics: “reevaluate the target audience, determine what works and what doesn’t, re-prioritize, and be smart about resource allocation and investment.”

Jason Miller, Senior Manager, Content Marketing, Marketing Solutions for LinkedIn believes marketers will have to add coding to their resumes.  He says, “The ability to understand how front end web development and coding can affect, enhance, and optimize a content strategy will become a necessity for marketers instead of a nice to have.”

Tim Washer, Senior Marketing Manager, Social Media, Cisco Systems and DJ Waldow, Digital Marketing Evangelist, Marketo both made similar points noting that 2015 will be the demise of corporate speak and the rise of more “human” marketing, applying a human voice to marketing, especially humor.

Check out all the other great trends/predictions. What about you? Are you ready to put in your five cents on 2015? What you would say?


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