Is That A Dodo Bird . . . Or A Marketing Campaign?


Remember how business professionals used to be completely devoted to the BlackBerry – so much so that “Crackberry” was named Word-of-the-Year in 2006? Back then, we didn’t realize that most of the technology we were holding near-and-dear would quickly become passé.

But now, we’re getting more accustomed to the rapid evolution of technology and processes. Looking around, I know that much of what’s familiar in the workplace today is probably on its way to becoming obsolete, replaced with alternatives that are more user-friendly, more intuitive and always connected.

And I know that’s exactly what’s happening with conventional marketing campaigns, too.

As I see it, one-way, mass-market marketing campaigns are going the way of dinosaurs and dodo birds. In the not-too-distant future, they’ll be extinct – not because there’s anything inherently “bad” about conventional marketing campaigns, but because they’re becoming less and less effective.

Digital channels, social media and mobile communications have fundamentally changed the way consumers interact with brands. As a result, today’s consumers don’t necessarily show traditional buying behaviors. Instead, they design their own experiences, jumping between on- and off-line channels, consulting their social networks for input, creating highly individualized paths to purchase and then, ideally, continuing on to become brand advocates.

In the era of the empowered consumer, every one of your customers is unique. Your marketing communications must reflect that uniqueness, including each customer’s often unpredictable change in interest, preference and expectations.

Certainly, blasting out a one-size-fits-all campaign won’t do the trick. Nor will any kind of old-school push marketing.

If you want to achieve marketing success, start focusing on customers – not campaigns. Become part of your customers’ buying cycles by building relationships that are ongoing, consistent, meaningful and mutually-rewarding, and keep in mind. . .

The clock is ticking on this paradigm shift. And the customer is controlling the stopwatch.

According to the data we collected for , Millennials are already expecting brand interactions that are more innovative and more relevant. They’re connecting with companies on social media networks, and they like it when a company reaches out with a holiday/birthday card or some other kind of brand building that is more personal and not product specific.

In other words, Millennials – the 20-somethings who may be your customers today and will certainly be your customers in the future – aren’t interested in traditional marketing campaigns. They want to interact with your brand in a way that’s more timely, more customized and more relevant.

Are you ready to adapt to these new expectations? Are you positioned to focus on the customer experience?

As marketers, we can’t be resistant as our tools and processes evolve and improve. I remember holding on to my Blackberry until the bitter end, determined that an iPhone-sans-keyboard couldn’t possibly replace my beloved email-savvy friend. But, I was finally forced to change over when a former employer mandated the switch to an iPhone, version 3. I took the iPhone out of the box, started downloading apps and never looked back . . . not even for an instant.

You can do the same. Forge ahead. Don’t look back. Even though traditional marketing campaigns are extinct, your organization doesn’t have to follow suit. Find out more . . .

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