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CX_MAstersIntroducing “CX Masters”: Spotlighting Those on the Frontlines of Exceptional Customer Experience

Customer experience is kind of the new black. In fact, Brian Solis recently told me he thinks it’s even more important than product. Not surprisingly, all of us at SDL wholeheartedly agree—in fact, we help the world’s largest brands drive exceptional customer experiences.

But of course we’re far from being the only ones on the front lines of Exceptional Customer Experience.

There are countless individuals not just enabling brands to create impactful experiences for their customers, but also spearheading market education on the importance of customer experience and how brands can raise the bar.

I love meeting and talking with the individuals at the forefront of CX. Hearing their stories, sharing best practices, understanding what motivates them. And not only do I think it’s important to share their stories, I also think it’s important to recognize them for their expertise. So, I’ve decided to start a new monthly “Experts of Customer Experience” series to recognize these “CX Masters” for their contributions to the art and science of creating compelling customer experiences. These individuals embody innovation, are squarely focused on customers’ needs, and have made such significant contributions to CXM, we’d be doing our readers a disservice not showcasing their great work.

..and I’m very pleased to announce that our very first CX Master is…Annette Franz.

CX-Master-of-Month_Annette-Franz (4)As the Vice President of Customer Experience at Touchpoint Dashboard, the blogger behind CX Journey, and a member of the Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA), Annette has been recognized as a customer experience thought leader who is passionate about helping to build people-focused organizations. People-focused organizations care about people first, over profits; they also know that if they focus on the employee experience “more first,” a great customer experience will follow. Customers will feel as if they are appreciated and valued – and so the business grows.

Annette has built and led global teams of consulting services professionals and guided them to sell, design, implement, and operationalize enterprise-wide customer experience solutions that drive business and organizational improvements. More importantly, Annette’s point of view is that the customer experience is an ever-evolving journey, not a “one and done.” When companies think about the big picture—ie: the entire customer journey–they show their desire to build trusted, not transactional, relationships.

And her accomplishments don’t end there:

Annette also consistently makes an effort to educate the community:

Need I say more?

Please join me in congratulating Annette Franz, SDL’s first CX Master! Follow her on Twitter, @AnnetteFranz and @CXJourney for a front row seat to lessons on the right way to approach CXM.

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