How do you create good customer experiences?

Customer experience management means designing, implementing and facilitating the environment in which your customers interact with you. Experts agree that the best way to create and benefit from good customer experiences is to place the customer firmly at the center of your business strategy. This means understanding when, where and how your interactions with customers […]

New Wisdom for Voice of the Customer

Voice-of-the-Customer is central to most customer experience strategies. Find out what the customer thinks and increase the number of voices in favor of your brand. The excitement of hearing from the customer is usually high, at least the first couple of rounds. Then trends are established and one of three things usually happens: (a) the […]

Customer Experience for the Future: Momentum Drives Company Growth

Growth requires fuel. New customers and returning customers are the fuel of company growth. You can invest in inorganic growth: programs and technologies that entice renewals and evangelism. Or you can invest in organic growth: processes, products and culture that make your company irresistible. If you ask customers which method they prefer, organic would be […]

Just What Is Customer Experience? It’s Not Just Customer Service

Bruce Temkin, founder and Ex-chair of the Customer Experience Professionals Association, is one of the leading thinkers around customer experience. His research informs his influential Customer Experience Matters blog. He’s described customer experience as: “The perception that customers have of their interactions with an organization.” Why customer experience is NOT customer service or satisfaction Temkin […]

Customer Experience for the Future: Collaboration Earns Trust

Reality is that the customer experience journey or lifecycle is horizontal, fluid, and continuous across a company’s various departments and processes. Are we in touch with reality?  Most companies relinquish customer experience management to the customer-facing functions.  Yet this, too, is precarious, as customer-facing personnel and touch-points are limited in effectiveness by the information, processes, […]

Have We Lost the Art of Conversation?

Have we lost the art of conversation? Has the digital age with its shortened attention spans and 140 character limits shriveled what was once our primary form of engagement? Do we bypass conversation via social channels, which allows it to happen 24/7 when used to it’s best advantage, and instead simply continue traditional marketing broadcasting… […]

The Battle Between “Busy” and “Productive”

Today we have unprecedented access to information anywhere and anytime. We can multitask using multiple screens, and we can connect and converse on the fly—yet there are still only 24 hours in a day. Do you think that our increased level of “connectedness” today has anything to do with being busier, yet less productive? You […]

Customer Experience for the Future: Brilliance by Pattern Discovery

Brilliance is the product of discovering patterns. And likewise, business growth from customer experience management is the product of discovering patterns. Think of advances made in biology, psychology, physics, and other sciences: our wisdom stems from noticing that Y follows X, and A is connected to B, and whenever C and D are combined there’s […]