Five CMO Lessons from the NFL

Q3 is winding to a close, and that means it’s time for me to start gearing up for one of my favorite seasons of the year: the NFL season. Sure, I’m drawn to all the action on Game Day. But I also appreciate the weekly reminder about some important lessons that apply both on and […]

Different Teams, Same Goal: Improve Customer Experience

On paper, it appears that everyone’s on the same page: Customer experience is now a strategic priority. In the research we recently completed with Econsultancy, a whopping 97% of the retailers we surveyed cited integration of CX technology as “important” or “essential” to their growth. What’s more, nine out of ten (89%) said they either agree (42%) […]

Three Ways To Start Mastering Customer Experience

Customer experience is at the top of the corporate agenda. A few months ago, Brian Solis told me, “Customer experience is now more important than product.” More recently, the retailers polled in our study with Econsultancy overwhelming agreed with the statement, “Our customer experience is our brand.” Business leaders around the world have reached consensus, […]

What’s The Difference Between Customer Experience And Customer Satisfaction?

Today’s leading marketers have customer experience top-of-mind—and that makes perfect sense because customer experience is now driving the future of business. However, sometimes, when I’m talking to marketers, I hear the terms “customer experience,” “customer satisfaction” and even “customer service” used interchangeably. Should we be thinking of these terms in the same way? Are they […]

Where Customer Experience Is Heading in 2015 and Beyond

For marketers, change is now the rule, not the exception. That means the New Year will be filled with new opportunities… and new challenges. Are you ready to turn the page and embrace all that lies ahead? To help you prepare, here are five ways I see customer experience evolving in 2015: More companies will […]

You Can’t Provide a Contextual Customer Experience Unless You Have This

  The “contextual customer experience” is a hot topic among marketers right now –and that doesn’t surprise me in the least. Now that marketing organizations are beginning to get their arms around how to aggregate and analyze data, contextualization is quickly emerging as a key marketing tech differentiator. What’s driving the push for contextualization? Simple. More and more […]

Three Steps to Accelerate Brand Commitment

How long does it take to secure brand commitment? Too long. As remarkable as it sounds, our latest research shows that brands now need to nurture customers for at least two years before securing commitment. Over that time, the first year is devoted to building trust; the second, to strengthening the relationship. After that, brands […]