Have We Lost the Art of Conversation?

Have we lost the art of conversation? Has the digital age with its shortened attention spans and 140 character limits shriveled what was once our primary form of engagement? Do we bypass conversation via social channels, which allows it to happen 24/7 when used to it’s best advantage, and instead simply continue traditional marketing broadcasting… […]

The Battle Between “Busy” and “Productive”

Today we have unprecedented access to information anywhere and anytime. We can multitask using multiple screens, and we can connect and converse on the fly—yet there are still only 24 hours in a day. Do you think that our increased level of “connectedness” today has anything to do with being busier, yet less productive? You […]

How to Drive Your Best Employees to the Competition

Today’s job market is recession-weary and hyper-competitive, with a flood of potential employees for every open position. To many employers, it might seem that the odds are stacked in their favor. They can afford to be choosy, demand more and offer less. After all, there are plenty of qualified applicants waiting in the wings. However, […]

Lighten Up… Millennials are Not That Scary!

If you Google the term “Millennials,” you’ll come up with about 13 million results, with titles all over the map: The Impact of Millennials Millennials Too Good for Gap but Love Walmart 15 Economic Facts About Millennials Millennials’ Banking Habits Could Make Wall Street Obsolete One article I read described Millennials as carefree, creative and […]

Bringing #JustBeNice to the Workplace

I wear a T-shirt when I travel that says “Be Good to People,” thanks to Kris Wittenberg’s generosity of spirit, and #JustBeNice (Twitter handle @Just_B_Nice) is something I talk about a lot, and do my best to live by.” It’s not only a personal mantra of mine, but a business one as well, because when […]

Always Be Curious

Remember when your kids were little and they asked a zillion questions? What? Why? How? When? It’s amazing how direct and focused (and persistent) children can be when they’re learning about their environment. Their curiosity is insatiable, and this is a good thing! In fact, I think children have a lot to teach us when […]

Turning Disengaged Employees into Advocates

According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, a whopping 52% of employees today are disengaged (less emotionally connected to their work and less compelled to put forth extra effort). Only 30% of employees actually love what they do and are deeply committed to the success of the organization. Even more alarming, the report […]

The Future of Physical Shopping = Customer Experience(s)

It used to be that “going shopping” was a get-in-the-car-and-drive experience. However, just about everyone is transitioning to some form of online shopping these days. Shopping malls across the country seem to be on a downhill slide; bookstores are going the way of the dodo, and mobile apps make shopping online easier and easier. Most […]

Let’s Concentrate on Learn-Learn vs Win-Win

My friend Niklas Myhr, the “Social Media Professor,” recently blogged about something I’m very passionate about, Social Media and Quality Management. In his post he discusses tapping your social advocates early on in the product and/or service development phase, listening to what they have to say and learning more about what they want and how […]